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Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins is a grassroots organization that got its start from a small group of people hungry for change! The vision of the group was to provide a coordinated response to the problem of food insecurity in Timmins.

Incorporated in 2007, ACT became a registered charity in 2009 with the goal of developing creative coordinated responses to barriers such as low income, inaccessibility to land, transportation, and gaps in knowledge or experience that make it difficult for people to meet their basic need for healthy food.

Today, ACT is a Good Food Organization recognized by Community Food Centres Canada. Our mission to increase education and access to local, healthy and affordable food is reflected in our 3 core programs: 

  • Community Gardens
  • Community Cooking
  • Good Food Program

As we continue to grow and support our community, we look forward to working together for a food-secure community!

To see what we’ve been up to, check out our 2022 Annual Report HERE.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To increase access to local, healthy & affordable food;

To facilitate education and skill-building related to community food matters;

To foster community relationships that offer creative solutions to local food issues; &

To address gaps that prevent Timmins from being a food secure community.

 Our Values




Inclusivity; &


We are proud to be a Good Food Organization, in alliance with Community Food Centres Canada! Being a GFO enables us to network with like-minded organizations who have a shared commitment to achieving a healthy and fair food system.  Learn more @ www.goodfoodorganizations.ca


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