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About our Collective Cooking Program


Everyone loves a good meal but making one can be pretty intimidating for a lot of folks! ACT’s Collective Cooking program works with participants to provide shared experiences of trying new foods, learning how to prepare healthy and low-cost food items, as well as increasing kitchen skills and food hygiene knowledge.

All Collective Cooking workshops are lead by a coordinator who works step-by-step through pre-chosen recipes, providing each participant with the opportunity to learn how to prepare the dishes from start to finish.

It gets even better – at the end of each Collective Cooking workshop, everyone breaks bread together – a great opportunity to ask questions to the coordinator, share tips, tricks, and experiences, but most of all, taste the scrumptious food prepared by participants!

Most Collective Cooking workshops run on a suggested donation of $10. The donations collected contribute to program costs (food, printing, etc.), so ACT is grateful to receive whatever amount participants can afford!

Workshop themes have included: 1 chicken 3 ways, kale, local organic veggies, Good Food Box produce, comfort food, spilling the beans, and summer salads, among many more.

ACT partners with many different organizations for cooking workshops; some partner organizations are Youth Wellness Hub, CDSSAB, VON Diabetes, Porcupine Health Unit, and more!


Taste of Timmins — Bon Appétit! Cookbook

The cookbook Taste of Timmins — Bon Appétit! helps us acknowledge and remember the importance of coming together in celebration of community, heritage, diversity, and inclusion.

When traditional recipes are passed down from generation to generation, we are able to express our cultural identity and connect with our ancestors, history, and community. The sharing of the recipes in this book helps us connect to one another in celebration of who we are — individually and as a community.

Cookbook recipe categories include:

  • Soups and Salads

  • Breads, Grains and Pancakes

  • Main Dishes

  • Family Favourites and Traditional Dishes

  • Wild Game

  • Desserts

For more information on where to purchase the cookbook, head on over to tasteoftimmins.ca, or call us at 705-262-2499



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