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Community Gardens

About our Community Gardens Program

In an urban setting there are a lot of folks that don’t have the space to grow food (or the amount they’d like to grow!); community gardens help to fill that gap. ACT’s vision is to allow the residents of Timmins to experience the benefits of growing produce in a supportive community environment.


Community Gardens are parcels of land divided into small plots to provide local residents with access to fresh produce, support nutritional health, strengthen neighbourhood connections, promote sustainability, and increase physical activity! The community gardens are rented annually and tended to by members of the community, and are open to anyone for the growth of ornamental and/or food plants.



Timmins Community Gardens is comprised of two (2) sites:

  1.  The Kidd Operations Community Gardens site, which has 86 plots; and

  2.  The Rotary Community Gardens – Northern College site, consisting of 36 plots.


Plot rentals are $25 for your first year and $20 thereafter.

For more information about how you can get your very own community garden plot, contact us by phone at 705-262-2499, or email at gardens@antihungercoalition.com!


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